1: You matter.

Your health matters. I know that it’s somehow become really American and cool to down cheeseburgers like you just don’t care. But you should care, and this is why:

  • You live longer. Literally…your life is the reason here.
  • You have improved quality of life. Now I know the argument…”I’d rather die at 60 and eat what I want than live to be 80 and eat stuff I don’t like.” Here’s the thing:
  • I bet when you turn 60 you’ll have a change of heart (pun intended ?) about whether you want to be alive or not.
  • Your late adult years will have very likely been plagued with the effects of illness. Eating better means you will live longer and your years will be healthier and happier.
  • You don’t have to eat stuff you don’t like to be healthy.
2: Duuuude, you’ll feel so much better.
  • You’ll have more energy to do things that you want.
  • Better physical functioning (especially important for athletes and active people).
  • Your physique will improve.
  • Better sleep.
3: Waste less.
  • Committing to eat out less and make your own food decreases waste.
  • Shopping local is good for the economy and the environment.
4: Save $$$.
  • Eating out costs a lot more than your grocery bill. Make a plan to use up all that you buy so you don’t end up throwing away food.
  • Get a filter if you don’t like tap water and keep a single reuseable water bottle to hydrate throughout the day. Spend your saved money on something awesome!
5: Be an example.
  • Concerned a little with where our society is headed? Being a good role model for your kids, family, or friends is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your community.
  • Taking responsibility of your own health, saving money, and reducing waste are all things that we should pass on to the next generation.


And a billion other reasons like clearer skin, improved mental function, more confidence and control of your life. Be proud of who you are.








It’s 2017! Care About What You Eat

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