Welcome to A Healthy Perspective!

I created this site because I saw a need…well, many needs. We are suffering greatly from a society that tells us we have to be like everybody else. “Health” has become “How do I look compared to her?”. Nutrition advice has morphed into this deceptive battle amongst fad diets. Our fleeting fitness goals are defined by the latest trending celebrity workout. We are addicted to anything but our actual health. We don’t stop to truly breathe. We don’t look away from our phones long enough to confront any mental or personal issues that may be plaguing us. Buzzfeed has never done an article titled “18 Lipid Panels that will Blow Your Mind”. We don’t care about our blood work. We have lost our inner voice, and wellness has lost its true meaning.

I have so many friends and family (self included) that haven’t been successful maintaining their ideal way of eating or sticking to a regimented workout. Who can blame them? There is so much misinformation out there. And there is so much focus on superficial happiness. I wanted to create a place where everyone—men, women, millennials, baby boomers—everyone can get honest information about leading their best life. Not just valid, realistic nutrition and exercise information, but real talk about mental health, about addiction, and what the hell the word happiness even means.

There are innumerable wellness initiatives out there (and many excellent ones), but I have a hard time finding a popular source that offers educated, professional, and logical wellness regimens that focus more on achieving health and less on developing a six-pack. Let me be clear: I am absolutely in support of reaching your desired “best body”. That is certainly a benefit of improved nutrition and activity. I have just personally found that I am more successful, positive, and…well…healthier..when I’ve focused on what my organs probably look like, instead of what my butt looks like in the mirror.

Focusing on health not only removes this looming societal pressure to “look good”, but I’ve found that when my health and nutrition are in check, all those great external things (like muscle tone and clearer skin) fall into place on their own. I think I also respond better to media that offers me some kind of proactive information than those that mostly highlight how someone looks in a bikini. Again, I am 100 percent in favor of women (and men) being proud of their bodies and sharing their triumphs via various social media, so go for it! I just needed a focus where physicality came secondary. I feel that many of you reading this need that, too.

I believe mental and emotional wellbeing gets overlooked by so many wellness plans. We’re afraid to talk about the gritty moments of depression, addiction, eating disorders, and much more. Aren’t these part of our health? As someone who has battled with severe mental illness most of my life, I realized early on that things weren’t always going to be easy. It sucked. I cried. A lot. And still do. But at some point I also realized that no one was going to do this whole happiness thing for me. So wtf was I supposed to do? What does anyone do?

You [wo]man up.

You inform yourself, you plan, and you prepare to do everything possible to have the life that you want. And you give it your best shot. I think even people who haven’t dealt with mental illness have to go through similar experiences. Taking care of our psyche is as important as taking care of our body. Isn’t our ultimate goal to be happy? Shouldn’t it be the foundation on which all our wellness initiatives are based?

I will share with you not only what I’ve learned about wellness through education and peer-reviewed research, but what I’ve experienced-the things that have brought me to my knees, the things that encouraged me to pick myself back up—the game changers, the real practices of being a healthy, whole human being. The inevitably hilarious moments that come out of life’s most grueling struggles. Join me. Health and happiness are worth it.